Five Alternative Places to Go in Vienna, Austria

As I’ve said in one of my previous posts, 2020 started as a great year for me since I’ve made a trip through Europe and visited many countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Ireland. Even though no one is traveling anywhere anytime soon because of the Coronavirus, nothing like spending our quarantine time dreaming about our next trip as soon as all of this craziness is over. With that, I’ve decided to talk about some of my favorite alternative places in Vienna.

I don’t know exactly when I’ve started to dream about going to Vienna, but I was definitely surprised to realize not many people talk about this incredible place. Being in my perspective like a germanic Paris, Vienna is the musical capital of the world, where people like Freud, Mozart, Beethoven, and Gustav Klimt have lived there. Not only that, it’s also the perfect city for introverts like me, where cafes, bookstores, cinemas, churches, and museums are spread all over the town. Here are some five not so touristic places that are worth visiting.


“Phil Cafe”
at Gumpendorfer 10

Phil Cafe is exactly the type of place I would love to open. A modern, hipster, and comfy cafe that serves food and drinks with many bookshelves around it so you can browse around. It’s the perfect place to start off your day with breakfast or simply get a coffee in the middle of the afternoon. Most of the books are unfortunately in German, but you have access to some English ones. It’s important to note that everybody – and I mean everybody – speaks English in Vienna, so don’t feel shy to ask for menus in English.


“Top Kino Cinema Bar”
at Rahlgasse, 1

This simple and charming movie theater is just a couple of meters away from Phil Cafe. Showing mostly art-house films, Top Kino Cafe is a little movie theater with a modern bar that serves many drinks and some food for those who like having something to drink before or after their movie session. It is a very chill place that is worth a visit, even if you don’t plan on watching anything. Not mentioning the prices are very good.


“Austria Film Archive (Metro Kino Kulturhaus)”
at Johannesgasse, 4

Speaking of film, the Austria Film Archive is a mandatory place for any film lover. I was surprised that there weren’t any mentions of this place on the internet and I discovered it totally by chance. Its headquarters is inside Metro Kino Kulturhaus, an incredible movie theater with a shop where they sell many books and movies from our favorite directors, with an internal 19th-century architecture. Not mentioning the staff is very friendly and helpful.


at Frank-Josefs-Kai 29

Located at The Bermuda Triangle in the heart of Vienna’s city center, Jazzland is a 500-year-old basement that serves as a venue for live jazz concerts and late-night drinks. Very simple and unpretentious, this underground bar has hosted jazz legends such as Count Basie, Benny Carter, Art Farmer and many more. A mandatory visit in Vienna even if you don’t like jazz. It’s important to arrive early to get a table and they only accept cash.


at Burggarten

Probably the most well-known place from this list, Palmenhaus is probably one of the most beautiful places to go in Vienna. Located in the middle of Burggarten, this giant greenhouse features an extremely elegant and beautiful bar and restaurant, with many types of foods and drinks. It’s definitely worth having a drink or meal there while you are visiting the Rathaus region. And don’t forget to check Albertina’s Museum just beside to see the statue of Archduke Albrecht facing the most incredible and unforgettable view of Vienna, which is the feature image of this article.

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