Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Review

Rumors that J.K Rowling was publishing an eighth Harry Potter story exists since the Deathly Hallows hit the bookstores in 2007. Thanks to Pottermore.com, the author gave the fans short-stories online about what was happening in the wizarding world after the famous “19 years later” that concludes the most successful book franchise in the world. She even published the adult drama The Casual Vacancy some years after and adventured herself in the detective novels of Corman Strike under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith. No one could have ever imagined that the eight Harry Potter story would come out as a play.

When I first heard this I was really in doubt about the meaning of it all, since it would be something not everybody would be able to check it out. Fortunately, the script of the play was released on paper, making it possible for people all around the world to see what happens next, as the play is sold like “the eight-story, nineteen years later”. The result explains why the new Harry Potter story is being delivered in this way. It’s not extremely necessary and it definitely doesn’t need a book itself to continue the Harry Potter saga, but as J.K Rowling said herself, is an extremely exciting idea, making it possible to bring back the wizarding world to life without the pressure of writing a new novel that would probably become another movie franchise. Which is a very smart move, considering the author keeps playing very interesting cards by creating the website Pottermore and now the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie trilogy written by herself, which the first film is coming out this November, under the directing of David Yates.


With that, most of us get to read the script of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child while the play happens in London at the Palace Theater. However, even though we understand the story and comprehend what happens, we don’t get to experience the real magic that the books or the movie provide – which doesn’t mean the script it not magical. Here, the story is driven from the perspective of a new generation. The sons of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass, and Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley.

Starting as exactly as the last book and movie finished, the heroes of the Harry Potter saga goes to King’s Cross station to send their sons to their first year at Hogwarts. Little do they know, is that their importance in history will affect how their children will take on boarding that train and entering the wizarding world for the first time in their lives. Albus Severus, one of Harry Potter’s son and the main protagonist in the story, ends up being in Slytherin, hates Hogwarts and becomes friends with Scorpius Malfoy, son of Draco, which doesn’t follow the logic at all in terms of how everything happened with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. And this is exactly what will haunt Albus and Scorpius lives, becoming the anti-heroes of this story that will unfold in surprising moments.


The first characters of the story also take great importance in the play, as Harry struggles on working at the Ministry of Magic and being a father to someone completely different as him. Hermione is nothing else but the Minister of Magic and Draco also works in the Ministry, who is haunted by a horrible rumor that will take unexpected turns throughout the play. But mainly, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child are about fathers and sons. How everything that happened in the seven first stories affects our main characters and their child, creating an interesting journey with Time-Turners and time traveling that will takes us back to important moments of the saga such as the Triwizard Tournament and even the moment where Voldemort killed James and Lily Potter.

A lot of unimaginable moments also happen that answers questions such as, how would Snape feel if he knew that Harry Potter gave his name to his son? Or how would the wizarding world be if Voldemort had won the Battle of Hogwarts? All of this moments create key elements that sum up the most important events of the first seven books, making Harry Potter and the Cursed Child nothing but a celebration of the world of J.K Rowling and everything that happened in it. And everything is extremely well written, by playing with past and present time, the arch of father and son, and other incredible moments that give us the curiosity of how would they do such things on stage.

The most impressive characteristic of the story though, it’s exactly what makes Harry Potter, Harry Potter. Nothing is exactly perfect or black and white. Problems will appear and not everything will be solved. Characters will fight with darkness and accept that there is a little bit of it inside of all of us, but is the choices that make us who we are. Our characters will have the chance to change important moments in their lives because it’s logical and it seems right, but it’s only accepting that life is not perfect and people make mistakes that everything will be okay. And I think this is extremely real and touching when it comes to bringing a magical world to life, and J.K Rowling is the best at knowing this.


I do hope Harry Potter and the Cursed Child becomes a movie or something. Is not extremely necessary, just like the play itself. It’s exciting and good as the books, but it’s more of a gift for us who followed this world until now. I don’t believe it will happen, especially a continuation of the play, but since it’s J.K Rowling we are talking about, we never know what might come next. And that’s exactly why I love her so much.

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