What’s In My Bag?

Amoeba Music Store in L.A has this really cool web videos where famous bands go to the store and grabs items that say a little bit about their personality, influences and taste in music, film and art in general. Those videos are called “What’s In My Bag?” and this term is also used by some fashion blogs to highlight important products that just came out in the market. So just for fun, I’ve decided to make a personal “What’s In My Bag?” with albums, films, books and fashion items that describe my current mood and personality. Here they are!

what in my bag

01. A white flannel shirt, because it’s winter and I feel minimalistic.
02. The Overgrown album by James Blake, because it’s probably one of the best things I’ve heard lately and it’s perfect for winter.
03. The Wild Belle album, because it feels like a sad drunk person in weird party.
04. A picture of Clement Chabernaud, because he is my new model crush.
05. My newest short-film, The Mirror.
06. Clubmaster Ray-Ban sunglasses. Because they are the best and everybody looks good wearing them.
07. A copy of the last Vogue Homme International Paris, because it was the best magazine edition released last year.
08. Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart book, because it had a great impact on me, becoming probably one of my favorite books.
09. Chet Faker’s Build On Glass album, because he is my new favorite artist, inspiration and role model.
10. The new edition of Hero, my favorite magazine.
11. A black beanie, because sometimes my hair looks like shit.
12. Bleu de Channel cologne, because it’s the best cologne in the world.
13. Lorde’s Pure Heroine, because it’s genius and I can’t stop listening to it.
14. Bonjour Tristesse book by Françoise Sagan, because I’m currently reading and I’m fascinated by the main character and her vision of life and the world.
15. The Michael Haneke Blu Ray Collection, because he is my favorite director and every day I get more obsessed with his films and his style and directing. I don’t have this collection yet, but I feel that I carry all his films on my mind, every day.

What’s in your bag?

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