You and I – Ryan Mcginley

To start the blog, I will talk about my most likely favorite photographer of all times, Ryan McGinley, and his photography book, You and I, that I’ve recently purchased at Twin Palms publisher here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

With a beautiful baby blue hardcover, You and I collect the firsts photographs of Ryan McGinley – which is a little bit disappointing because it doesn’t come with a lot of his incredible work that he did later. But that doesn’t mean the book itself it’s less incredible. Actually, there are some pictures here that I’ve never seen on the internet, like the jeans full of cum and the guy peeing while he smokes a cigarette.

All the book is consisted from abstract images of naked people in the forest to famous pictures like the girl drinking in a truck, and the group of people in a tree. Not mentioning the caves, which is a session I don’t really love, but they are still beautiful.




If you don’t know Ryan McGinley’s work, you can find his pictures here.

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