Psycho Tropical Berlin by La Femme

In a season with great new records coming out and the last post is about the art of The Last Shadow Puppet‘s new album, I’ve decided to talk about something I rarely talk in the blog which is music, and one of the bands that I can’t stop listening to it: La Femme.

People are not very used to listen to bands that sing in French, even though we listen to French bands every day, like Daft Punk, Phoenix, Justice, M83, Air, etc. However, the rise of La Femme is something we can’t ignore and when you listen to their debut album you definitely realize its potential thanks to its originality and the amazing elements throughout the songs. Composed by five members – having Clémence Quélennec at the vocals along with Marlon Magnée, who was the face of Saint Laurent advertisement; La Femme is considered a psych-punk rock band with krautrock elements. Their first album was released in 2013 and it’s called Psycho Tropical Berlin.


The album is entirely formed by strong beats with several keyboards arrangements and guitar riffs, creating a dreamlike psychedelic sonority that is presented in a variety of songs that goes from easy listening to dance music, forming an incredibly sophisticated record. Speaking in sophisticated, the sonority of La Femme could easily be part of the soundtrack of a movie, making the members play with that in their performances and public image by mixing 20’s French Riviera clothes with tropical objects on the stage. Their concept is almost ridiculous, but thanks to the sound they make and the great interest in fashion, La Femme transform the hype into something way more interesting and sophisticated that deserves respect not only for the quality of their music but also, for the originality. I will say enough with the talking and go to the listening. Here is the full La Femme album, available on Spotify.

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