Garcia Street Books – Santa Fe

I’ve always loved book stores, but Garcia Street Books is probably my favorite bookstore in the world (at least, so far). Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I’ve discovered this place through my friend who studies with me at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Dedicated to people who love not only books, but interesting and different books, Garcia Street Books gathers a little bit of everything, since classic literature to architecture, design and photography books. And I know a lot of stores have such things, but this one has some special books that are so incredibly interesting, like a photography book of Dannis Hooper, one dedicated only to dark romanticism paintings and thousand of interesting cook books. Also, they have some really alternative books that I’ve never heard of like these ones that I ended up buying it.

Five Billion Years of Solitude is a book that talks about the possibility of life in space and everything that humanity has already done to try to communicate and find planets that could also give birth to life. Jack Holmes & His Friend is a novel that occurs through the ’60s between two drunk friends in New York City.

The prices of the books varies, having some cheap ones, like the dark romanticism one which later I found out is a rare book and it cost at least 300 dollars, is for sale for 70 bucks at Garcia Street Books. However, I’ve later found out that Five Billons Year of Solitude and another book I bought (The Paintings that Revolutionized  Art) was ten dollars cheaper at One way or another, they gave me a 10% discount at the end of my purchase (maybe it was because I’ve bought four books, rs).

IMG_9099 copy

The coolest part about this bookstore is that it’s in a location where you can find a photography gallery besides it, with also a huge store of photography books. Also, on the other side, there is this really cool coffee shop with several magazines that you can buy to read while you have your drink. Not mentioning the coffee is great!

So if by the chance you are coming to Santa Fe, Garcia Street Books is a must. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, the bookstore itself it’s something unique and charming.